Bonnie interviewed In Studio Guest Hoberleigh Phreigh The author of The Super Quack Stories of Healing from Out of Left Field. She is an expert in the Energitic Healing area and has her own combination of techniques including Oriental Medicine including acupuncture, Reiki, and other modalites. She explained her work with Trauma and Allergies. Art, a call in guest, her former client and a vet from Viet Nam was healed from his allergies and PTSD.


Bonnie, Dr. Belczyk, Mark, and Tyler discussed:
Why Should You Sleep Naked?, Astronaut Scott Kelly back from outer space, Why Switching Ears on the Phone Can Make Your Job or Your Relationship More Successful, How to Shift your Brain to Get A Good Nights sleep, How Much Sugar is in Your is in your Starbucks drink?, Broken Heart & Happy Heart Syndromes Can Kill, Extra exercise won’t make you lose weight.


California’s New Right To Die Law or assisted suicide law, CAM4 Insights – Female Orgasm Survey and Quiz,
Why aren’t Women Getting the BRCA Test?, Since Female Viagra is not too effective…What to do?, How to keep your sex hot -Long-term sex life Study, Exo Would You Eat Protein Bars Made From Insects?, 60 Minutes on Smart Guns, Seafood Staves Off Alzheimer’s.


Bonnie, Dr. Belczyk, Mark and Tyler did a Exo Cricket Protein Bar taste test and covered these topics:
Negative Calorie Foods, Why You Want to Eat Grass Fed Beef, The avocado seed is the healthiest part?, What is the Glycemic Index?, Simple CARBS increase risk of lung cancer by 49%, Women who sun are may outlive those who don’t., Diets with less meat could save 5.1 million lives a Year, The Blood Type Diet, Americans spend nearly $30 billion per year on supplements.