Bonnie and Dr Belczyk interviewed In Studio Guests from the Valley Jewish Community Center: Jerry Wayne – Executive Director, and Cheri Nieman – Lifestyle Coach about the events and programs they provide to the community for all people. Cheri is the head of an incredible Diabetes Prevention Group.

Other Subjects we covered were How to protect yourself from Zika virus?
Sex and The City Zoo Saturday February 13 A provocative evening at the LA Zoo learning about wild animal mating habits, ‘Spermbots’ could help women conceive These are little robots that drive lazy or lost sperm into the egg. Kegels for great sex for men and women.


The topics we covered were: Freeing yourself from your Stuff Love It or Lose It, (emotional and physical) Cooking Safe with Teflon and Cast-Iron Cookware, Why Pizza Can Be So Bad For You and Making It Good for you, Man has 100 orgasms a day and it’s ruining his life, Old Hollywood Treatment of women and Quaaludes (editorial from Bonnie’s personal experience).


Bonnie, Mark, & Tyler covered these topics:
Sex and The City Zoo Funny things we learned, Proton pump inhibitor’s and dementia, Timing of medical care can save you a lot of money, .Britain Approved Genetically Modified Human Embryos, More sex lowers the chance of prostate tumors- MEN WHO SLEEP WITH MULTIPLE WOMEN ‘REDUCE THEIR RISK OF PROSTATE CANCER ‘ Take a Lover or 2?, Un- focusing, Spacing out, or goofing off is good for you, Dancing Can Burn More Calories Than Cycling, Running, and Swimming – and makes you happier, Prends-Moi: Perfume that promises to make you thin, Being A Morning Person Is In Your DNA.


Dr Belczyk, Bonnie, Mark, & Tyler covered these topics:
Talcum Powder’s Link to Ovarian Cancer, Protecting Teenage girls on Social Media New Book: American Girls Guys, How Well Do you know your Penis? What Does Your Prostate Gland Do? What is that clear liquid that happens in Foreplay? Is semen high in calories and/or protien?, Your Eyes Make You Smarter Than a Computer, Neurologist says What Bugs People About Ted Cruz’s Face, The Psychological Appeal of Trump: He’s Unambiguous