Everybody is out of town. First an encore of our in-studio interview with Dr. Michael Obeng, World Renowned Plastic Surgeon. Next we encore our in-studio Interview with Dr. Tammi Harris, in charge of Senior Care Centers at Sherman Oaks and Encino Hospitals.


Bonnie, Dr. Belczyk, Mark and Tyler start our 2nd Anniversary Celebration with some of the Doc’s favorite guests and articles.
Cholesterol Cleaning Drug Discovered By Parents, The New CPR, Exo Protein Bars Made From Crickets, Paleo Diet for Pain, Portable Dialysis Device For Home, Temporary Tattoo Senses Blood Sugar Levels, Cryo-preservation, Dangerous Diet supplements, Blue Light Therapy to Treat ED.


Bonnie, Dr. Belczyk, Mark and Tyler review Doc’s favorite picks in our continuation of our 2nd anniversary celebration.
Lipid from Avocados targets (AML)Stem, What Can Lesbians Teach Us About Female Libido, Habits that help and habits that hurt
What Happens To You When You’re Stressed, FDA approves first 3D-printed drug, How to avoid Contact lens infections, Your joints are cracking, What does It Mean?, Woman Captures Ministroke on Smartphone Camera, Autonomous or Driverless Cars Can Save Lives, Selfie protection.


Study shows that Dogs Hate being hugged, It frightens them., DNA Measures Couples Compatibility, We over bathe in this country, and Are you cleaning Your Vagina Wrong, You Might Be Cleaning Your Penis Wrong 2014-09-19 Doc’s Picks= How to Use Oil in Cooking
Super Cooling Keeps Transplantable Organs Safe For 3 Days