In Studio Guest: Dr. Tammi L. Harris Director of the Center for Senior Care and Comprehensive Senior Care Program at Sherman Oaks Hospital. Specially caregivers work together for optimum results. Geriatric syndromes that effect older adults. Other topics covered were: Cheese. Is it as addictive as crack cocaine?, Do You, really, know how to do the Heimlich Maneuver?, Hoverboards explosion/fire risk, Moldy Breast Implants are Making Women Sick.

In Studio Guest: Ileene Parker, Director of Sherman Oaks/East Valley Adult Center about the incredible services, classes, and events offered at Senior Centers. We discussed the importance of social interaction. She explained how the on site lunch and home food delivery services helps isolated seniors and others who can’t shop and cook.

Other Topics we discussed were: 9/11 First Responder health bill, Study: Home-delivered meals reduce feelings of loneliness among seniors, Saltshaker of Shame, Why Watching Heart-Warming Movies Makes You Healthier, It really does!, McDonald’s Burger Still Not Rotted 6 Years Later, and New Hair loss Treatments.

In Studio Guest: Dr Michael Aznavour DDS, AG Dental Studio in Montrose CA. who remains on the cutting edge of dentistry procedures and technology as a teacher at USC. Dr. Aznavour talked about a new type of night guard, The NTI-tss plus, for grinding and clenching. He filled us in on the latest in braces, care tips, and dental materials, like Zirconia based or LAVA crowns.

Other topics we discussed: Appendicitis in children: A new way of treating it using just antibiotics. Holiday Food That’s Bad For Dogs and Cats, Tricking Yourself to Eat Less, by changing the color of your plates and glasses? New ThighMaster Vibrato, Suzanne Somers: Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick, on how to get toxins out of your body and environment. Sleepwalking, and Life Tips.