Encore/repeat performance  of 11/28/14 show and it’s description.

Bonnie and Dr. Belczyk covered these topics:
Sheen HIV diagnosis revelation,  What is a Virgin? It depends…On the spot  statistics  Great new show.   What is Cold Brewed Coffee and Why Drink It?,  How Does Your Memory Work? from Breakthrough,  See Food Diet  Seeing is Eating,  On the Spot   The World in Numbers,  Penile Fractures   Ouch!!!,  Moisturizing in the Winter Months and whenever…,

Bonnie and Dr Belczyk covered these topics:
Packaging Mistake leads to 113 Unplanned Pregnancies,  Gene Editing: Guided Missles to Target Cancer, Elipse:  Weight Loss without Hunger,  The Truth About Mucus Web MD, Do Cold Medications Work?, Strept Throat or a virus?, Mirasmoothe: 70% less underarm sweat or hair, HomeTests: Bacteria, Food Sensitivity and Occult Blood, New Tech for Migraines, Cluster Headaches, & Epilepsy, ASHA    American Sexual Health Association  Statistics, In Bed with Arianna: Tips for Getting More & Better Sleep         
Bonnie and Dr Belczyk interviewed:
In-Studio Guest: Todd Leitz Public Information Officer for My Safe LA, public education partner of the LA Fire Department. Todd shared a wealth of information on preparing for El Nino, earthquakes and to protect from indoor fires.  Todd was in News radio at KFWB and anchor/reporter for KNX 1070. He knew Jeff from the station.  He is the Public Address Announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers during the baseball season.