Bonnie and Dr Belczyk covered these Topics:  News, Studies, and Stories, Cryousa Cryo-therapy for Pain and Anxiety, Apps to protect you,  3D Printed Model Hearts Within Hours of MRI, Paper Tests for Ebola, Driverless Cars Can Save Lives, and Appreciating your City infrastructure.  

Bonnie and Dr Belczyk covered these Topics:
Immigration and the health of a country, Deaths from West Nile virus in CA, C-View  3D Mammograms, TVs Falling on Kids, 7-Eleven delivers Date Night and Hangover Packs, Apps for going back to school for family schedules, Sedentary lifestyle killing you?,  Selfie protection, Are Wood Fiber,  Bamboo Viscose and Rayon Good for the Planet?, Dog intelligence On 60 minutes

Bonnie and Dr. Belczyk interviewed:
In Studio Guest : Jeff Smith Program Director for the Center for Reconstruction and Wound Healing at Sherman Oaks Hospital
Other topics we covered:  Breast Cancer Screening Every Year? ,Oprah Winfrey gets behind Weight Watchers,  Impressa: helps stop bladder leakage in women, Sofosbuvir Cures 95% of Hep C patients in 12 weeks, So Sitting Too Long Won’t Kill Us, Conscious eating

Encore/repeat performance of 10/31/14 show and show description. The show requested was.