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San Gabriel Medical Pharmacy
Dr Thi Dang & Peter Nguyen


Encore presentation of installment 11/28/2014
We interviewed Dr. Melanie Ho Erb MD, an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon about eye lid surgeries and more. We also interviewed Dr. Christopher Jacobs, PHD, the creator of Genteel, an lancet device for diabetics that draws blood painlessly just about anywhere on the body. You can re-draw from that site without the needle for up to 24 hours.

We also talked about Electro-stimulation helping spinal cord injury patients being able to stand up, move around, and regain control of their bladder, Median Nerve implants in the forearm that reduces hypertension, Phased speakers that focus sound on the hard of hearinag, Nasal sprat to combat Migraine headaches, Bonefinder technology that outlines bones on x-rays, and more.