We talked Trish Healy, Marriage & Family Therapist, who counsels couples before they enter into a commited relationship,l and explores how people choose partners based on their own childhood experiences.

Other Topics included Fake medical journal articles published for a fee, conductor arms for better heart health, Hypothermia during surgery, Arthritis management clinic, Wishbone small non-contact thermometer, Is Benadryl safe for dogs, and Touch screen phones rewire your brain.

We talked with Monica Blake, Certified Pilates instructor, about Pilates and the benefit of taking the training.

Other Topics included Blood pressure apps that could be dangerous, fears 2015, SNTE protein predicts concussion recovery time, What happens to your body when you are in fear, Laser device fights tooth decay, Female ejaculation, temp Traq patch monitors a baby’s temp for 24 hours, and Children’s Pizza study.

We talked with Jeff Braile, CEO of Apira Science about the iDerma Mask Facial Beautification System that removes wrinkles and clears up bad skin.

Other Topics included 75% of parents make this car seat mistake, BBS Revolution measures bladder volume, 5 terrifying secrets of the hospital ER, BellaFill fills acne scars, Optogenetics induces REM sleep, Bloom body temp fertility device, and Thync device calms you down or gives you energy.

We talked briefly with Dr. Lorin Cordain, author of the Paleo Diet, and then we talked about the diet itself.

We also talked with Nathan Parsons of Organogenesis and the Appligraph and Dermagraft products the company makes that heals diabetic foot and leg wounds that otherwise just don’t heal.

Other Topics included Invisible electric shock hazards, Bad luck accounts for many cancers, The wisdom of pulling teeth, and The Veta Smart Case for EpiPen users..

In the coming weeks we’ll be trying the Fit3D body scanner and reporting our findings and results.

We talked with Erik Doublas, CEO/Co-founder of CellScopt about their device that turns your iPhone into an Otoscope so you can check your family for ear infections.

Other Topics included Chickens win in L.A., Drug makers to create apps to go with meds, Dr. Oz criticized in the media, New materials to quickly stop heavy bleeding, Light emitting devices make you sick and tired, Wireless brain implants, Double amputee controls prosthetic arms with his mind, Quick decision makers are happier, and more.