Up On Medicine


We interviewed Tim Stacy, Hospitalist, about patient advocates working in-hospital.

Just some of the other things we covered:
Why handwriting is important, doctors and patients are embracing new technology, Exploratory surgeries may no longer be necessary, Dry Roasted Peanuts more dangerous than regular peanuts, Your ears hear differently, and much more.


We interviewed Dr. Hua Gu, an acupuncturist with 34 years of experience about acupuncture – how it works and what it does. Everything you always want to know about acupuncture.

Just some of the other things we covered:
Artificial sweeteners may cause obesity and type II diabetes,Expired food store opens, Blood transfusions from Ebola survivors treats new victims, Old wives tales, What the font you use says about you and how it makes you feel, handwriting homework assignment, Bio-spleen device cleans your blood, and much more.


We interviewed Dr. Todd Moldawer, a spinal surgeon abut back problems, and Dr. George Rijachch, an eye surgeon, about laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, and keeping your eyes healthy.

Just some of the other things we covered:
App helps ID a stroke and take fast action
Autism may be reversed if found early on
A Pacemaker with no batteries
Why we need calcium
And much more


We interviewed Dr. Samuel Kishani, a bariatric surgery specialist about weight-loss and other important surgeries

Just some of the other things we covered:
Our medical data is under attach
The Mallory band – a string for weight loss
Breakthrough heart attach drug
Comic helps kids with autism
Why acid reflux treatment drugs are bad for you
And much more