Up On Medicine


In our 1st episode we interview Michael Moore who reps Eluxtra, the smart bandage that can adapt to changes in wounds. Here are just some of the other stories we covered: Instant blood pressure iPhone app that can be dangerous. Skin cancer risk increased by tanning. WebMD app takes medical information mobile. Run 5-10 minutes a day & live a longer, healthier life. Your breath may hold clues to your heart health. Why swearing may be good for you



We interviewed Dr. Larisse Lee, a vascular surgeon, about varicose veins and the Latest technology in treating venal problems. We also covered these stories and more: New 38lb electric wheel chair fits in your car trunk Medsnap IDs meds using your iPhone Melatonin helps quiet Acid Reflux Cal Index takes patient medical data online in CA



We interviewed Victoria Levy, a breast cancer survivor, about her new miracle surgery. Then we interviewed Dr. Patrick Arbore, an Expert on suicide and suicide prevention about how to spot warning Signs and what to do about them. Just some of the other things we covered: New Pacemaker inserted through groin artery What your body craves is telling you something GoodRX app finds best prices for medications Personal airbag for your belt helps avoid hip fractures Save money by paying your doctor up-front



We interviewed Roland Santos, CNO at Sherman Oaks Hospital about the latest technology in use at the facility, and Dr. DougJacobstein of Osiris Technologies about Grafix, a new material that heals burns and diabetic leg & foot wounds. Just some of the other things we covered: Gene predicts breast cancer relapse and chemotherapy success Early use of Antibiotics could cause obesity Are you sensitive to Gluten or Fodmaps? Track baby’s position, motion, skin temp and heart rate via cell phone And much more



We interviewed Dr. Som, a plastic surgeon, about the latest cosmetic plastic surgery techniques and when to use each. Just some of the other things we covered: Dangers in the water Smartphone heart monitor detects Afib Disaster prep – don’t store water in plastic bottles MariGen wound dressing made from fish skins And much more