We interviewed Dr. Joseh K. Bivins, Medical Director at Curecare, about their devices that uses vapor technology to heal wounds that otherwise won’t heal.

Just some of the other things we covered:
1st case of Ebola shows up in U.S., New surgery for hemorrhagic stroke, Implants help RP victims see better, Philips BlueControl device treats psoriasis, Artificial sweeteners cause glucose intolerance, Fear & anxiety follow being unplugged from the Internet, Cloud 9 OTC drug dangerous, and much more.

We interviewed Dr. Sasan Najibi, a vascular surgeon, about the latest technology in his field and how vascular problems are especially dangerous to diabetic patients.

Just some of the other things we covered:
New artificial arm attached directly to the skeleton. New test give a much faster diagnosis for Ebola infections. MargainProbe finds cancer cells at the margins of tumors very quickly. Paint-on bandage lets you observe healing progress. Does artificial turf cause cancer? And much more.

We interviewed Dr. Jerold Dreyer, an infectious disease expert. We talked about Ebola, Influenza, the flue, flu shots and more.

Just some of the other things we covered:
Google Hangout connects your medical info search to a doctor
Concierge doctors take care of you, and they come to you
New device helps you get the right amount of blue and white light
Stork OTC helps with conception Some how-to 1st aid tips
Colon hydrotherapy (colonic) could be very dangerous
Precautions when flying, and much more

We interviewed our very own Dr. Ronald Bejczyk about his education and the countries he studied in before bringing the Amputation Prevention Center here to Sherman Oaks, CA.

Just some of the other things we covered:
Australian man received 1st 3D-printed heel bone.
Ecstasy used to treat PTSD.
Uhear & Vision apps test hearing and vision
Woman’s hair dangers, stethoscope works with iPhone
Death with dignity, handwriting signature tell all
Medical Labs charge different rates – how to save money
Progesterone boosting foods help tame UTIs

Health fare coming to Sherman Oaks Hospital Saturday November 15th 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM – we’ll be there, Philips release Lifeline GoSafe personal alert, Tiny capsules deliver meds to the brain, Sensor detects cancer markers in urine, FDA approves mail-in color cancer test, Google developing pill to detect cancer, Grapefruit dangerous if taken with certain prescription meds, Breeding out disease, Microsoft Band – best fitness device yet, and much more.