We interviewed Adam Berman of Roche Diagnostics about the Accu-chek Aviva Expert glucose meter that gives diabetics the right insulin dosage based on blood sugar and the amount of carbs to be eaten at a given meal. No more guesswork.

We also talked about the HI Clinical Kiosk that makes taking vitals faster and easier, Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors,Kidsafe batteries that are safe when swallowed, Steliate Ganglilon block can cure PTSD, Skin patch takes blood sample, no more needles, Women aren’t getting Pap Smears, How to have good eggs for pregnancy or IVF, Device monitors foot intake, Hypnosis for weight loss, and more.


We interviewed Dr. Sunny Bhatia, an interventional cardiologist with incredible credentials, about the latest technology in heart health and treatment.

We also talked about An Israeli drug company that can produce the Ebola vaccine, The dangers of detergent pods, New LED lightbulb detects when someone falls, and goes after help,
Orthopedic implants that degrade and slowly dissolve, Sleep and aging, How to bandage an injury or perform CPR on a dog, TUG test predicts potentially dangerous falls, and more.

We interviewed Dr. Don Fetterolf, MD, Chief Medical Officer at MiMedx about Epifix, a new material that speeds up would healing, especially for diabetic ulcers and burns.

We also talked about Kissing can transfer millions of bacteria, PicoWay laser improves tattoo removal, Tinnitus, the ringing in your ear or head, IC-3D test give blood infection results quickly, SPUD stethoscope, Imagio breast imaging better than Ultrasound, and more.

We interviewed Dr. Melanie Ho Erb MD, an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon about eye lid surgeries and more. We also interviewed Dr. Christopher Jacobs, PHD, the creator of Genteel, an lancet device for diabetics that draws blood painlessly just about anywhere on the body. You can re-draw from that site without the needle for up to 24 hours.
We also talked about Electro-stimulation helping spinal cord injury patients being able to stand up, move around, and regain control of their bladder, Median Nerve implants in the forearm that reduces hypertension, Phased speakers that focus sound on the hard of hearinag, Nasal sprat to combat Migraine headaches, Bonefinder technology that outlines bones on x-rays, and more.